Mobile application

Android & IOS

Your phone becomes the superhero of your business, and our application is your secret weapon! The app becomes your best ally, easy to use and attractive, offering your customers the freedom to interact with your brand in an intelligent and convenient way. From easy and personalized navigation to quick and secure payments, our application is designed to meet the needs of any customer.
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Online Store

Restaurants, supermarkets, and aggregators

We present to you the stage where your products are the main stars! We create for you a vibrant online store, full of color and life, where your customers will want to come back again and again. It's not just an online store, it's the place where your business comes to life in the digital environment! Configurable to your specific needs, with a friendly and functional design, your online store will make the shopping experience a pleasure for your customers.
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Restaurants, supermarkets, and other stores

Explore the freedom to build your own aggregator! With the help of our innovative platform, you are the architect of your digital business. Create exclusive collaborations with top restaurants, renowned supermarkets, and other types of businesses, and connect customers to a variety of attractive options.
Get ready to create a unique aggregation experience, bringing together the best deals and attractions in one place. Your vision. Your brand. Discover now how to turn your ideas into reality with your custom aggregator application.
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Delivery App

Android & IOS

Goodbye, complicated routes and hard-to-find destinations. No order will be too far with the help of our delivery app. Created specifically to help you streamline the delivery process, the app is customizable and easy to use. A digital co-pilot that shows you the way to customers and helps you deliver products in the easiest way possible.
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Presentation Website

Restaurants, Supermarkets, and Aggregators

Make your online presence with a presentation website that reflects the personality of your brand and transports visitors into your universe. With an intuitive and attractive design, your website turns curious visitors into loyal customers, offering them a unique and personalized online experience. Smooth navigation, clear information, and accessibility - all of these make your website a strong online presence.
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Our solution is suitable for the following types of business:
We know that the heart of your business beats in the kitchen, where the delicious dishes that delight your customers are born. We offer you all the tools to bring this experience to the online world as well. Regardless of the solution you opt for, the online store and the Android&IOS mobile application are designed to make your dishes an accessible feast anywhere and anytime.

Give your customers the freedom to order their favorite dishes, the benefits of vouchers and credits, fast and efficient deliveries, as well as the convenience of online payments, in a fast and safe way, turning every action into an adventure memorable cuisine.
The success of your business can be found in every aisle of the supermarket, where customers can carefully choose their favorite products. With the online store or the Android&IOS mobile application, turn your supermarket into an unmissable virtual destination. Now, customers can explore and order their favorite products in an easy and fast way, from anywhere and anytime. A varied range of options, from vouchers and credits, to secure online payments, will make every purchase a pleasant and comfortable experience.

In addition, with the application dedicated to suppliers, you will ensure fast and efficient deliveries, guaranteeing full customer satisfaction. Supermarket chain? With our adaptable and customized solutions for each supermarket in your network, we will create a strong digital connection, turning every shopping trip into a unique and unforgettable experience.
As an aggregator, we know that you want to build a digital bridge between the best restaurants, supermarkets and other successful businesses and customers who want variety. Our solution is designed exactly for this. With the mobile application for Android & IOS or the web platform, we make your entire portfolio of partners accessible anywhere and anytime.

With our digital solutions, you can offer customers a platform where they can find their favorite products and services, benefit from vouchers and credits, experience fast and efficient deliveries, and enjoy the comfort and safety of online payments. Thus, every interaction turns into a pleasant experience. Our solution is as flexible as your business, adapting to the needs of each partner, ensuring an integrated and efficient digital solution.
Fluid mobile experience
The mobile application for customers and the dedicated driver application bring with them an easy and attractive experience. Whether you place orders or manage deliveries, everything is at your fingertips.
Centralized control
With our intuitive administration panel, you will have full control over orders, products, and deliveries, saving time and facilitating the management of your business.
Real-time orders
Track orders in real-time and process them easily through the dedicated module, ensuring smooth and accurate management of each order.
Efficient delivery
Integration with delivery services and the driver application ensures prompt and safe delivery, keeping your customers happy and loyal.
Personalized offers
Create special offers and promotions tailored to your customers, building loyalty and turning customers into enthusiastic ambassadors of your brand.
Customer feedback
With the reviews and ratings functionality, customers can share their experiences, contributing to the growth of trust and attractiveness of your business.
With advanced reports, you will better understand the performance of your business. Your decisions will be better informed, and success will be reflected in increased sales!
Integration with other systems
FoodApp seamlessly integrates with other payment platforms, delivery services, or business management solutions, optimizing your workflow and enhancing the efficiency of your entire network.
Get ready to turn your collaboration with FoodApp into a captivating and profitable experience! Here are the steps that will guide you to success:
Request an offer
Take the first step. Request an offer from us. We won't just respond with numbers, we'll provide you with a tailored offer for your business.
Identify the right solution
Every business is unique. Together, we'll identify the best solution for you.
Let's take action. The implementation process is fast and secure, so you can enjoy measurable results in the end.
Continuous support
We're with you every step of the way. We provide continuous support and assistance whenever you need us.
Our Projects
The results speak for themselves. Each project illustrates our commitment to innovation and excellence, helping us turn our partners' vision into reality.

We started using FoodApp for our restaurant, and it has been a true revolution. The application is user-friendly and allows us to connect with customers in a completely new way. The online store and mobile app have completely transformed the way we operate our business. We highly recommend FoodApp to all restaurant owners!

Andrei B.

Restaurant Owner

Collaborating with FoodApp has been an inspired decision. We implemented the online store and mobile application for our business unit and noticed a significant increase in sales. Customers appreciate the ability to shop from the comfort of their homes and enjoy fast and efficient deliveries. The flexibility and adaptability of the FoodApp solution are unmatched!

Ioana O.


As an aggregation platform, we needed a solution that would integrate various restaurants and stores under a single brand. FoodApp was the answer. With their help, we created a mobile application that offers users a seamless and integrated shopping experience. Partnerships with restaurants and supermarkets have become much simpler and more efficient, and customers are more than satisfied with the variety and quality of the services offered.

Dorian P.


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