Solutions for restaurants
Our solution can be adapted to any restaurant’s needs, covering the most important aspects of the business: meal or individual products ordering system, order acquisition and administration system, and a module dedicated to the delivery agents who can take over the order confirmed by the operator.
Solutions for Delivery companies
The system can be adapted to any delivery company through solutions that streamline and automate the flow of order placing and home delivery.

Our solution is also suitable for the following spheres of activity:

A single restaurant
The system is adaptable to all the businesses’ needs of a restaurant by using order launch and driver app modules (order acquisition, home delivery, order acquisition notifications, contact the customer, navigation etc.)
Restaurant networks
Our solution is also suitable for restaurants with multiple locations, offering the ability to manage the information for each location separately
Food Delivery Aggregators
The app can be adapted to work like food delivery aggregation systems (Food Panda) by incorporating multiple restaurants in the same app and managing all the modules separately: orders, restaurant, vouchers, accounts.
The app offers a version for supermarkets as well (Bringo). As such, your customers will have the ability to place orders with different shopping centers.
Features for clients

Shopping cart

Ability to list items and add them to cart for order placing

Accounts system

Create an account/log in with Facebook or with a username and password

Payment and delivery methods

Multiple payment and delivery methods: cash, card, standard delivery, or pick up

Vouchers and Promos

Ability to use discount codes and promos during a set timeframe

Push notifications

User notifications about order status or meal modifications
POS Features

Order management

Order administration (taking orders, status change, product modifications, printing receipts)

Order placing for delivery

Ability to place orders directly with the delivery agent

Information editing in app

Product editing and restaurant hours modifications

Order history for clients

Area for past orders and observations

Order history for delivery agent

Area for past orders to delivery agents along with all the related information
Delivery agent Features

My account

Management of all personal information from the user’s account

Active orders

Multiple options for an active order: Navigation, I have arrived notification, Messaging, Phone call, Take customer, Order canceling

Order history

Displaying all past orders and their status

App customization

Ability to modify the app’s features: dark/light mode, enhanced fonts, enhanced buttons

Navigation options

Ability to select navigation through the app or Google Maps / Waze
App and order management board

Interactive dashboard

Display statistics and information about orders, number of orders over time, number of clients over time, orders ready for delivery


Statistics centralization for: mobile users, orders, used/allocated vouchers, deliveries

Order management

Order management module with status modification and delivery request for the chosen order
Subscription benefits
Monthly subscription
Unlimited access to multiple features through a simple monthly fee. Minimum of 3 months.
Maintenance included
Full-service maintenance system, software updates, security, and continuous performance
Hosting included
Hosting on a modern data server, capable of processing high data volumes
Professional support
Technical support and assistance included in the package for software optimization
Custom app design
Modern design, app customization with your logo and brand colors
Advanced security
Configuration of advanced protection policies for safe system use
Innovative app
Implementation of one of the most powerful applications that can be used on a subscription basis
20% discount on annual payments, 10% discount on half-yearly payments
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